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We’re GB Air, redefining excellence across air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and renewables.

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We can transform your environment so it’s safe, clean and works for you.

For installation, maintenance or repairs of refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation or renewable solutions, GB Air are redefining excellence in the climate control industry.

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Working across commercial and home environments, we provide one-to-one care for all of our customers. We’ll always recommend the right solution for you, delivered with the highest level of customer service.

With GB Air, you can trust us to deliver the most cost-effective, sustainable and responsive solution for you.

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We understand the urgency when it comes to commercial fridge failures, especially in hospitality and cold chain logistics.

That’s why we offer an emergency response service and aim to visit you in 4 hours or less*.

We take care of a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment, from wine fridges to commercial freezers and cold rooms.

With our refrigeration service & maintenance, we work hard to reduce the risk of your equipment ever breaking down. Our expert engineers will inspect your cooling equipment regularly, spotting and fixing any issues before they become critical and adding years to the lifespan of your fridges.

*depending on your maintenance package with us.


Keep your premises clean, safe and comfortable all year round with the highest standard of commercial air conditioning solutions.

We design, install and maintain your equipment to manufacturer’s standards to ensure your warranty is upheld and meets the unique needs of your business.

Serving a number of prestigious clients and venues across London and the South, we work quickly and safely, and — thanks to our fully-stocked vans — we can usually have you set up in one day with minimal disruption.

We also offer various maintenance packages that keep your equipment working for longer.

Benefits of air conditioning:

  • Lower energy consumption than traditional heating or cooling methods
  • Control humidity, keeping moisture levels in balance and reducing the chances of mould.
  • Quiet and discreet units that integrate intelligently with the rest of your property’s systems.

The right ventilation equipment is fundamental to keeping your space safe and compliant with Building Regulations and legislation.

We can support you with the design and selection of MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery) equipment to ensure air quality is maintained and your guests and customers are safe and comfortable all year round.


Systems you can rely on… and renewables that don’t cost the earth.

For low cost, sustainable climate control, we can offer the latest in renewable technology, including:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Air to Air Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar Panels (PV or thermal)

If you’d like to explore the range of renewable solutions for your business, contact us now for a free consultation on 01202 110327.


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Feel comfortable in your home, at the touch of a button. All year round.

Experience the comfort and convenience of an integrated climate control system that works intelligently with the rest of your property’s systems, including underfloor heating, and is surprisingly inexpensive to run.

Did you know that air conditioning doesn’t just heat or cool your space? It also offers immediate relief from hayfever, other allergies and asthma by purifying your air and stopping tiny particles of dust, pollen and fumes from entering your property. It also helps control humidity, keeping moisture levels in balance and reducing the chances of mould.

Now that’s smart.


Stay in control of your energy with renewables that don’t cost the earth.

Consistent, low-cost climate control heat pumps have the power to cool a room in the height of summer and keep you warm in the depths of winter.

And they are astoundingly energy efficient if they’re installed correctly.

Air source heat pumps are surprisingly easy to install at your home. They can be bolted on to the side of your property and can connect with most pre-existing ventilation and heating solutions inside your home, subject to a detailed survey and design.

To find out if your property is suitable for renewable climate control technology, give us a call to arrange a free assessment.


Improve your indoor air quality by filtering the air coming into your home.

With the correct ventilation system, you can reduce condensation, remove pollutants and allergens for a year round, more comfortable experience.

And with expert installation and regular maintenance, it can keep your home energy costs low for decades to come.


From bespoke walk in wine rooms to walk in chillers or freezers, we will design, install and maintain your refrigeration equipment to the highest working standard.

When you’ve taken the time and care to select your favourite chilled items, the last thing you want is to risk it being lost or spoiled. That’s why we’ll maintain your equipment regularly, to keep it working for longer.


Why Choose GB Air?

We offer one to one care for all of our customers across commercial and home projects, so you can feel safe, comfortable and informed, at all times. Here’s just some of the reasons why you should choose GB Air for your climate control installation and maintenance:

  • Expert installation team: Our engineers have years of experience in air con installation and repair. We have worked in some of the most interesting locations in the UK, from world-famous Knightsbridge properties to centuries-old listed homes. We work quickly and safely, and — thanks to our fully-stocked vans — we can usually have you set up in one day.
  • The latest technology: We have direct relationships with the manufacturers of 99% of air con units in use in the UK today. We are up-to-date with the latest developments in the smart homes industry, which means we can match you with the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and low-noise equipment on the market.
  • Simple, easy-to-understand advice: To get the most out of your air conditioning setup, you need to know how to control it. Most modern machines have a remote control, a back-end software integration and a smartphone app. Our engineers take the time to explain the controls so that you know how to set timers, adjust for energy-efficiency or just control temperature, air flow and humidity.
  • First-time fix promise: On 90% of our call-outs, our engineers can get your systems back up and running on their first visit. Every heating or cooling asset under our care has its own digital file, which means our engineers can see your full service history and pack the van with everything they might need before they visit your property.
  • 4 Hour emergency response: We understand how frustrating it can be when technology lets you down. Especially when you need it most. That’s why, if you suffer a breakdown, we aim to visit you in 4 hours or less.

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Service & Maintenance

Our service & maintenance plans are designed to lower your overall energy consumption and prolong the life of your equipment.

At GB Air, we want to make sure your climate control technology works for you and gets the professional care it needs. That’s why we offer bespoke service packages that best suit your requirements.

Speak to us about our bronze, silver or gold maintenance packages to make sure your equipment gets the right care, within the right budget.

How does it work?

We start each new service contract with a free on-site assessment. We visit your location and make a list of all of your equipment, then we write up a brief condition report for each asset. Based on these condition reports, we are able to create a tailored service plan that matches the unique needs of your property.

Call us on 01202 110327 to book in for your free on-site assessment today.

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Fill in the form below and one of our team will call you back within 24 hours to book a no-cost, no-obligation site visit. We’ll meet you in person and come up with an easy-to-understand quotation that matches your needs.

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